Common Medicare Questions

Still have questions about Medicare? We can answer them for you. We receive questions every day from our clients, and have compiled a list of those we are asked most frequently. If you don’t see the answer to the questions that you have, contact us and we will speak to you personally!

Am I required to enroll in Part B?

Medicare Part B is optional, however, failure to enroll when first eligible can place penalties on your future premiums. Thus, it might feel optional, but also mandatory due to the penalties one might incur for failure to comply with Medicare’s enrollment periods. By not enrolling, some of the services you are declining coverage for include physician services, preventative care, ambulance services, diagnostics and durable medical equipment. The penalty to not enroll during your initial election period will be an increase of 10% for every 12 month you could have had the coverage. Note: Carefully review your eligibility and benefits as well as employer coverage before enrolling or delaying Part B enrollment.

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