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Turning 65

We will educate you on your benefit options, then guide you through the process of applying for Parts A and B so you choose the plan that’s right for you without paying more than you need to.

Initial Enrollment Period

Determine when your initial enrollment period starts and ends. 

Prescription Drugs

Research list of current medications to determine if you need a Part D prescription drug plan.

Doctors In Network

Contact existing providers to identify if they participate in Original Medicare and/or Medicare Advantage.

Medicare Costs

Compile estimate plan costs on respective plans for your known medical care.

Additional Benefits

Identify additional benefits and services you desire such as vision, hearing, gym memberships and transportation.

How To Apply

Provide guidance on the most effective way to apply for plans and benefits. 

Working Past 65

We will guide you through delaying enrollment in Medicare and maintaining creditable coverage (Medicare-approved employer health insurance coverage), so you can avoid the risk of late enrollment penalties.

Do You Qualify?

Determine if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) to delay Medicare enrollment penalty-free.

Creditable Coverage

Obtain Creditable Coverage Certificate for Medicare Part D.

Will Medicare Be Your Primary or Secondary Coverage?

Determine if Medicare will provide primary or secondary coverage and what that means to you (retiree, COBRA and Marketplace/ACA coverage).

Medicare Costs

Evaluate if remaining on your employer plan or transitioning into Medicare is the right option for you.

Applying for a Special Enrollment Period

Provide step-by-step guidance of what needs to be completed to apply for a SEP.

Life Events and Changes

There are certain life changes that, depending on your situation, may qualify you for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP). Some of these circumstances include relocation, retirement, and loss of employer health insurance coverage.  We will assist you in enrolling and managing your Medicare benefits so that you can avoid late enrollment penalties.

Do You Qualify?

Determine if your life event will qualify you for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP).

When Do You Enroll?

We will make sure that you know the enrollment and guaranteed issue dates for Medicare Parts A, B, C and D and Medicare Supplement plans.

Document Your SEP

Complete required paperwork to document your SEP to the applicable insurance companies.

Avoid Gaps in Coverage

Coordinate your existing and future benefits to have seamless coverage. 

Plan and Prescription Review

Are you currently enrolled in Medicare?

We’ll assist you in understanding your rights and options to add, change, or drop your Prescription Drug (PDP), Medicare Advantage (MA), or Medicare Supplement plans, so that you don’t miss the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) window that occurs annually from October 15 through December 7.

Understanding Your Rights

Assist in helping you understand your rights and options to add, change or modify your existing Medicare benefits.

Current Plan Review

Review coverage with your existing plan and provide cost and benefit comparisons to new plans available.

Current Prescription Drug List Review

Review your current prescription drug list and provide cost comparisons to formularies for upcoming year. 

Doctors Still in Network?

Determine if your current healthcare providers are still in the approved network for the upcoming year. 

Not sure exactly when you're eligible for Medicare?
Find out with our Medicare Enrollment Calculator.

We can remind you when your Initial Enrollment Period in Medicare starts.

Please note that your reminder will be sent 120 days before your 65th birthday. If your birthday is within 120 days, give us a call at 703-214-4600 if you need help.

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